Level Designers / Content Creators Wanted! (Full-time and freelance)


Frogmind is an independent game studio in Helsinki, grown from an indie duo to a studio of 22 talented developers. We are best known for the App Store iPad Game of the Year 2013 BADLAND available on all mobile, console and PC/Mac platforms. On December 2015 we launched BADLAND 2 on iOS. And lately we have launched 2 more games globally. Combined, the Frogmind games have more than 150 million downloads and counting. All games have won awards, including the iPad game of the Year and Apple Design Award for the original BADLAND.

Our games have been noted for their beauty, thoughtful game design, simple mechanics and top notch gameplay. These are all values we are planning to keep, and take even further in our future games.

We released Badland Brawl in mid October 2018 and Rumble Stars Football in April 2019. Both games have gotten over 12 000 000 players since launch and are operating with steady liveOps and updates. We have multiple new projects in development. All our current games are real-time multiplayer games.

We are looking for a talented and creative level designer & content creator to join our ranks.


  • Use epic content design tools to make levels and games for our new project https://revolutionarygamecreationplatform.frogmind.com/
  • Create brilliant new games & expand previous ones
  • Help us design the tools to be as easy to use as possible
  • Contribute to design and to what features get made

At Frogmind you get to create your brilliant content with twists and puzzles for the vast audiences to enjoy and be amazed of. Use our kick ass editor to cook new worlds from awesome elements, make them move, link them events to trigger wicked traps and create world class entertainment. We take serious pride in putting lots of creativity and effort behind the content of our games and the users have noticed this with praise aplenty.

Requirements, expected skills and stats:

  • Experience of creating content & levels for games
  • Experience in using at least some level & content editors, eg. Dreams, Little Big Planet, Badland, Roblox, etc.
  • Lots of creativity and enthusiasm for creating awesomeness
  • Experience of working with physics based levels / puzzles gets extra points

Required character traits:

  • You aspire to level up, learn more and develop your skills further
  • Passion for playing and making games – it’s hard to imagine doing anything else
  • Committed to tasks and an autonomous person with high level of initiative and energy
  • Interest for both premium and F2P games
  • Ambition & love for being part of making the coolest of games

About Frogmind

  • Several small and effective strike team. Total of 22
  • Located in the centre of Helsinki with awesome food and bars aplenty
  • Winner of the Apple design award, iPad game of the year and many other awards
  • Launched 5 games, all of them have done well on the market
  • In a long-term partnership with Supercell
  • One of the coolest opportunities on the rise in the Finnish game industry
  • Financially solid company
  • Well connected (within the industry and with the platform holders)

Why join us?

  • You’ll be able to learn a lot and be part of the best battles and the most interesting things
  • You like flat hierarchy and having your opinion count
  • You want to make awesome games that stand out and make an impact into the industry

How to apply:

Summer is a great time to turn a fresh new page in your work life! Join us at Frogmind and start making your awesomeness available for millions of people. Please include your CV, something demonstrating your previous work and short motivation letter to your application. For more info and applications, please contact jobs(at)frogmindgames.com.