Fan content policy

Thank you for wanting to create really cool content about our games and our brand!

We are really excited to have players like you, that want to create amazing things based on our games!

At the same time, some not so cool people try to use the Frogmind Assets to sell their own products, making our players believe they are endorsed by, or in any way connected to Frogmind. This might lead to players buying things, or giving out personal information, thinking that the items are officially produced by Frogmind. We don’t like that.

This Fan Content Policy defines how you can use Frogmind Oy’s (“Frogmind”) copyrights and trademarks from BADLAND, BADLAND 2, Badland Brawl, including any related fan kits provided by us (“Frogmind Assets”) for Fan Content purposes. No warning will be given to those in violation of this Policy,

Fan content only. Frogmind Assets are provided for the creation of Fan Content only. Therefore you are allowed to display, identify and discuss Frogmind products, only as defined by this Policy. You are not allowed to create new products and content based on the Frogmind Assets we provide. This includes games, even those that are free. Examples of how to use our Assets would be free, fan-generated online guides, players meetups, fan pages and blogs, gameplay and tutorial video, as long as this Policy is respected.

Non commercial only. You are not allowed to charge any kind of fee from visitors to your Fan Content, unless specifically agreed upon with Frogmind. You can, however, monetise your Fan Content with ads or donations.
Ads need to abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and developer policies. Donations can be used when not tied to any IAPs or benefits of any kind.

Respect Frogmind’s brand. Do not give your customers or visitors the impression that your Fan Content is sponsored or endorsed by Frogmind. Our Frogmind Assets are not meant to be used to create content similar to Frogmind or Frogmind games’ logos, trademarks, or aspects of our products and services. The Frogmind Assets can not be modified without our permission.

Keep it online. You are not allowed to manufacture or distribute (for free or otherwise) physical items such as T-shirts that bear any Frogmind Assets or other Frogmind intellectual property without a separate, express written agreement between you and Frogmind.

No novels, theatricals or the like. You are not permitted to write, produce or create any novels, theatrical productions or other adaptations that include Frogmind’s intellectual property without our express written permission.

Insert disclaimers. Do include the following notice in a font legible to users of the Fan Content you created, to clarify your use of Frogmind Assets: “This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Frogmind and Frogmind is not responsible for it. For more information see Frogmind’s Fan Content Policy:”

No domains or the like. You are not allowed to register domain names, social media accounts or related addresses for your Fan Content which include Frogmind’s trademarks (such as FROGMIND, BADLAND, BADLAND2, or BADLAND BRAWL) without a separate written agreement with us.

Developer policies and agreements. We respect other developers’ work. You must always follow applicable developer policies and agreements in force from time to time.

Our use of your Fan Content. We may sometimes use the Fan Content you have created, without compensation in a manner we consider reasonable (for example by re-posting it on our social media channels, or using it in our marketing activities).

Unpublished information and feedback. If you receive information from us regarding unpublished content, you are required to keep that information to yourself, and not disclose it to anyone else. Also, if you give us any kind of feedback, information or suggestions regarding our games or otherwise, you understand that we can use it without further compensation or other obligations to you.

We reserve the right to determine what type of Fan Content we are OK with, and may revoke the limited use license in this Policy at any time and for any reason.
This Policy is part of the Frogmind Terms of Service, and we may modify them at any time. When using Frogmind Assets for Fan Content purposes, your use is subject to the Frogmind Terms of Service (including any warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability). In the event a term of this Policy conflicts with a term of the Terms of Service, this Policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to Fan Content.